Jim deBoon has been an Animal Control officer since 1982, and is highly qualified to deal with all types of animals. His main focus of expertise is that of dogs, and there are few people who can handle an aggressive dog in the professional manner that Jim can. His goal is to offer courses to Civil and Utility Employees, as well as other Enforcement Officers. Participants are educated to deal with aggressive unattainable dogs, as well as irate dog owners. Jim also provides Bite Prevention 101, in large classes on how to protect yourself from aggressive dogs.

Jim has personally handled over 15,000 dogs in the course of his Animal Control career, and another 20,000 in his family owned Pound/Boarding Facility, of which Jim designed, built and operates. Jim has personally been attacked by over 300 dogs, and has only suffered from three bites, which speaks highly of the successful techniques he personally uses daily. He is an excellent trainer, not only for the experience that he possesses, but also the high level of commitment and passion he has for all kinds of canines, the great outdoors, and the industry that he excels in. He wants to pass that knowledge on to you.